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“why are you scared of a Trump Presidency?”

My parents both (separately) asked in a shocked tone of voice “why are you scared?!” of a Trump presidency. So, I’m making a list. I check email, write a bullet-list note or two, pour a fresh cup of coffee, write another. Check Facebook, and discover that numerous friend of friends have already seen/experienced racism, xenophobia, sexism, all in the name of Trump. #whitepower #whitesonly #whiteamerica Teachers are talking about their students’ fear, and their terrible acts of racism and sexism.

its not just about trump

I saw it on TV, so it must be okay. The man my parents elected president says/does these things without repercussion, so I can too.

I cringe repeating this, but a few hours ago I said “I’m so glad I’m white.” Because it means I’m not being targeted by racist douchebags who think its acceptable and funny to harass and threaten others. I am a straight white woman, so at least until January I am not “other.” Which means that I need to step up my game in being an ally. Let me walk with you to your car, sit next to you on the bus or metro. Let me stand with you while we both tell racist xenophobic sexist bigots to go fuck themselves. We must move beyond comfortable couch activism and into active ally-ship and activism.

presidential election

Trump’s “first 100 days”

I’ve read Trump’s “1st 100 days plan” three times. Once with my friend/coworker/sanity/feminist… we had a few “okay, I can get with that” moments, some “people care about this shit?!” moments, progressing to “uh, Congress won’t go for that” “the government doesn’t work like that” and finally “he knows there is only one planet, right?” (Yes, my written critique of his ideas in currently in the works.) You can read his plan here.

ruin a man's career

I despise Trump and his hate. His language and behavior and rhetoric have no place in DC. I’m not afraid of Trump’s policies– I’m afraid of Mike Pence and his friends in Congress picking the worst policies to make into law, and twisting them into irreversibly fucked plans that harm all but the 1%. We will have Supreme Court Justices that will uphold this bigoted shit, and overturn what we, our mothers, and grandmothers have fought so hard for.

Trump doesn’t understand how the government works.
do you?

If you voted for Trump in order to get Congressional term limits, lobbying reform, or overturn Citizens United, then you do not know how our government works. (Trump obviously doesn’t know either.)

trump war

Some say “oh, he’ll have an impeachable offense, then all will be well!” No, it won’t.  Congress would love to impeach Trump, Mike Pence is their good friend. Every good thing Obama and Bill Clinton did may be erased in the next four years. Everything the Supreme Court has afforded us in the last 50 years is up for debate and dismantling. Mike Pence and Paul Ryan both have a history of hate-filled policies against women, queer people, reproductive rights, and minorities. It will be their pleasure to destroy the rights of everyone that’s not a white hetero male within the top financial 10% of America.


I so badly want someone to blame (3rd party voters, protest voters, purposeful non-voters, uninterested non-voters….) but it really doesn’t matter. We have to move forward with the hand we’ve been dealt. We must learn to become active allies, and we must be ready to march and protest peacefully at any time to defend our rights.

[vote] I’m #StillSanders, so #ImWithHer on Tuesday

My father and I are standing in line to early vote (we arrived at like 4:30 on Friday, classic procrastinator style…) when he says “I’m glad you asked if I wanted to come with– I actually wasn’t going to vote.”

The fuck?!



Yes, we are in a red state. We reside within the big blue dot that is the capitol. Thanks to some crafty gerrymandering we have one blue seat in Congress, and he’s not going anywhere. We could easily pull off two or three blue seats. But when the lines are drawn between and around neighborhoods and right through a city, it’s very very easy to be discouraged. But voting is so much more than just that.

I voted for Bernie (quite proudly) in the primaries. I hate the way Hillary became the nominee. This process must be updated/altered in the next three years. But these first few days of November, that doesn’t matter.

from Liora K Photography
from Liora K Photography
we must vote. all of us.

All of us. Each and every one of us. We have to vote. We have to vote in ALL elections. The people we choose (or allow to be chosen for us) at a city/local level often later represent us in state congresses. State congresses breed the politicians we send to DC. Don’t like your local officials? Vote them out! No one is running against the arrogant jerk incumbent? You could run. Your favorite local activist should be encouraged to run. Don’t let self-centered pricks win simply because no one runs against them. Give them a run for their money. Make them scared. Make them work for their elected position. (Remember Eric Cantor? Prominent DC Congressman who failed to give a shit about his primary and lost. This is how we make change.)

Once local politicians make it to state congress, the DNC and RNC have people watching them, looking for potential leaders in DC. Let’s not let these assholes into those seats, or vote them out after their first lousy term. Let’s not let national politics pick up these people, give them money, and turn them into puppets for their own games and private agendas.


because change must come.


Political change has to happen in two ways.
Us: from the local to the state to the nation.
The System: we must demand reform from our voting system. Times change, technology changes, we are not delivering vote tallies by horse anymore.

We must prove that as citizens, we want our voices to be heard. We want our opinions to be taken seriously. From school board to POTUS, our opinions matter and our elected officials are obligated to listen. And when they don’t want to listen, we literally have to call and write and email and harass until they have to choice but to hear us.

The antiquated electoral college is obviously in need of reform, or perhaps removal. If Democrats want to lead the way in those reforms, its time to nix super-delegates and allow all states to split their primary delegate votes by percentage. Likewise, the electoral college needs to disappear or have every state split electoral votes among candidates (like Maine and Nebraska already do). This not only allows third party voters to have a voice, it allows all of us to feel like our vote actually matters. Regardless of which state we live in. And that’s because our votes will actually matter.

We must continue voting until every vote counts, and every vote counts equally.



[cranky] goodbye Boehner

I have NOTHING positive to say about Speaker of the House John Boehner. He just announced that he is not only resigning his position as Speaker but he’s retiring from roughly 20 years in Congress. His home district in Ohio is solidly Republican, so the Republican Governor John Kasich (yep, that one running for the Presidential nomination) should face no opposition to appointing another party line Republican to replace him.

While I won’t miss the fake spray tan sour face of Boehner standing in the back of countless photo-ops, I am worried about what face will replace his. Boehner originally planned to give up his Speakership at the end of 2014, but Eric Cantor’s humiliating loss at re-election prompted him to stay on. (Remember — Eric Cantor so arrogantly neglected to campaign in his run off that he lost his nomination and wasn’t even on the final ballot.) Boehner once compared being Speaker to being a prisoner in an interview with Politico. Clearly, he won’t be shedding any tears on November 1st when he walks out of Congress for good.

But why leave now?

congress has nuts in it

In the wake of the anti-Planned Parenthood videos many members of Congress are ill-informed and eager to cut off all federal funding to Planned Parenthood. Some of the most extreme right wing congressmen are eager to shut down the government if Planned Parenthood isn’t defunded first. Of course, we’re on the clock — tick tock the Tea Party wants to take Planned Parenthood’s federal funding and give it to already church/privately-funded CPCs. John Boehner voted to defund Planned Parenthood. On numerous occasions. But he’s not up for the bullshit of a government shutdown over an (old) issue that Obama will undoubtedly and immediately veto.

The Koch brothers and the Tea Party are more than happy to pitch a fit and shut down the government just to fuck with us and make a point. A point that is immediately lost when paychecks don’t come in, and parks/museums/tours are shut down.

With enough pressure and bullying, anyone can cave. If you’re a push-over spray-tan orange puppet, you can be easily pushed out of power. More and more Tea Party assholes are elected every two years, and more and more sanity is leaving Congress. More Koch dollars, more extremists, more anti-minority, anti-women uncompromising selfish self-righteous Bible-beating assholes. Our next Speaker of the House might just be all the way up a Koch butt and happy to screw up the country for money.

So I might miss our orange funny faced Boehner. Just a little. But, if we can create a miracle, if we can get out the vote, Nancy Pelosi’s face will replace the oompa loompa and our country will be saner. (Just a little.)