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5 Awesome Feminist Halloween Costumes for you, your kids, and your fur babies!

These are my top five favorite ideas for Halloween costumes this year! They can be for yourself, your kid, or your fur baby!

The Notorious RBG

Our wonderful Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a classic feminist costume. All you need is a black robe with white lace around the neck; plus bonus points for XL stud earrings, glasses, and hair in a low bun! (The crooked crown is a great add on, but not required.)

notorious rbg standing

Another image, and a cool book! You can check it out on Amazon


Wonder Woman

For some inspiration! The original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter

For some inspiration! The original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter

With the new movie out, Wonder Woman is definitely a hit for this year. Accessories are all that’s needed to make this pop! You can buy a pre-created full costume, or do a combo of your own clothes and some sweet accessories. This is a cool costume for adults, kids, and fur children. Wear red on top, and blue on bottom. The bottoms can be leggings, shorts, a bathing suit, skirt, or any number of other items out of your closet. Don’t forget these essential accessories!

lynda carter wonder woman close up gal gadot wonder-woman close up


Princess Leia

Pre-made or home-made, you can wear her classic white dress and get a set of head buns to complete the look! I’ve seen in person a ten month old Princess Leia and a six year old Princess Leia… I bet your dog might dig it too!

princess leia


Cat Ears and “Can’t Grab” t-shirt

Instead of a sexy cat, you can be a feminist cat– can’t grab this pussy! It’s super simple, and you can style it however you (or your group!) like.


Handmaid from “Handmaid’s Tale”

A long red dress and oversized white bonnet are all you need for this simple, statement-making costume. (Also great as a group costume!)

If you haven’t read the book:

handmaids tale dress



Enjoy your Halloween, and don’t forget to send me pictures of your cool feminist costumes (or your kiddos)! (you can always comment-post them in the comments here) Also, these are all affiliate links, which means that I may make a commission from your purchase (at NO additional cost to you). <3