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[etsy] heat wave etsy sale! (and staying safe in the heat)

As yet another heat wave takes over parts of the US, I’m having a “stay indoors” sale for my Etsy shop. The July heat index in my city hovers somewhere between 95 and 110 Fahrenheit. (Hooray for humidity!)


With a minimum $10 purchase you can use the code “heatwave” and get 20% off your entire order.  You can check out ready-to-give crafts as well as supplies to create your own  crafts here: CFF etsy shop

bud light lime coasters

PBR ace of spades earrings

rogue notebook

blue moon coasters

heat can be dangerous!

Don’t forget, heat can be dangerous! (The seasons where I live include: a few weeks of fall, a few weeks of winter, a humid warm spring, early summer, high summer, and late summer; all of which are disgustingly humid.)

Drink lots of water all day long (especially since favorites like coffee, beer, and liquor dehydrate you, and yummy sodas are not actually hydrating at all). In the summer time I even do the “one beer one water one beer one water” trick to make sure I’m not sick later.

The hottest and sunniest part of the day is 10am-3pm, so this is when you want to make sure you’re indoors (and crafting)! Obviously this also goes for your animals, unless you’ve got an awesome shady hangout for them. This is also the time to avoid taking the munchkins to the park– it’s a higher risk of heat exhaustion as well as super-hot playground equipment. And since you don’t want to be outside during these hours, don’t take the dogs for a walk then either.

Be a good neighbor! It’s always good to know your neighbors, and this is a perfect time to meet more of them. Often older people (like my almost-90 grandma) don’t want to ask for assistance, but they’re the people we hear about in the news dying of heat stroke. Split a melon with them, offer to pick up groceries or a fan while you’re out, and make sure you check on them if the power goes out. Don’t forget that foods like cucumbers and watermelons are over 90% water– delicious and hydrating.


The sale is only until the end of July, so don’t wait! (Minimum purchase of $10, get a 20% discount on your entire order with coupon check out code “heatwave.”) Stay cool, stay hydrated, be a good neighbor, and enjoy some extra indoor crafting time!

More on the dangers of extreme heat.

[feminist] wacky women earrings!

women earrings

Wacky Women Earrings are $6 a pair, and $2 of that will go to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund (of the Southeast).

If you order 2 pairs, you’ll save $1 each! (don’t forget, free gift wrapping is always available, just let me know!)

women earrings close up


bead color/shape preference

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