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Confidence is Beautiful Reminder Cards

Newest product! “Confidence is Beautiful” reminder cards and magnets!

I’ve got one stuck to the mirror right next to my toothbrush, and another on the fridge. It’s a reminder I need every day, and it’s a reminder I need especially bad when my depression is kicking my ass.

This is the card (one sided), perfect for thumb tacking to your bulletin board, or sticking in the corner of a mirror!


This is the magnet– I’ve got one on my fridge right now!


There is also special combo! 2 magnets and 1 set of 10 confidence cards for $5.

Need some more reminders that confidence is beautiful? Check out some great quotes like this oneĀ here!

the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence

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Is there a mantra you use to feel good and get out the door into our crazy world? Let us know!


my journal template

This is what I created and personally use to journal. It focuses on body love, self care, happy moments, things to do, as well as goals. Plus, it's in black and white so you can color all over it!

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