Cranky Fat Feminist

Don't miss your cranky love letters about life as a fat feminist in the south, members of our community, sales, posts I'm working on, and of course a few things I can't contain my love and happiness for!

cranky love letters

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With all of the negativity in the world around us, I want to focus on sharing the things that make me (and hopefully you too!) happy.

I'm looking forward to gushing my love to you about books I'm reading, my newest Facebook crushes, and awesome feminist artists I discover. I'll also be sharing projects from our community members, and of course the occasional cranky political resistance action in favor of women's rights.

my journal template

Cranky fat feminist

This is what I created and personally use to journal. It focuses on body love, self care, happy moments, things to do, as well as goals. Plus, it's in black and white so you can color all over it!

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