[cranky] stupid facebook, updated

Facebook banned me from posting for 24 hours because I posted “abusive” photos — my first two profile pictures from nearly a year and a half ago. So, of course, I’m sharing them here:

this is the back of my head. you can also see two of my many “little sisters” in the village I lived in in Ghana. the picture was taken by another of my little sisters (who is a damn good cook, in case you were wondering)
nudity?! trees don’t wear clothes
Tuesday evening I received a 12 hour ban. (the page is set up so that you have to be 17+ to access or view anything, so shouldn’t it be okay to have sex-positive posts and jokes?)

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3 thoughts on “[cranky] stupid facebook, updated”

  1. It wasn't so much FaceBook banning you as someone getting all hyped up about the nudity issue and reported you…but I'll bet you dollars to donuts that if you were to look at the computer of whomever reported you, you would find all sorts of things that they would rather no one know about!…I find it interesting that those who scream the loudest about something usually have the most to hide…and they are seeing their own selves in what hey think is a reflection of them in what is posted…so they get all bent outta shape and start screaming about things that really don't concern them…

  2. Facebook is ridiculous. Stay tough, Cranky! 😀
    I would do absolutely anything you want, if you'd make me a sandwich. 😉

    I'm a new fan of your blog and ideology. I hate gender bias and all forms of racism. Keep complaining, and I'll keep reading it.

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