[fat] april gardening

I’ve started planting my seeds and shoveling through compost… here are some of the highlights so far–

spuds from 5 organic Russet potatoes
that were accidentally forgotten about in the corner of the kitchen over winter
cucumber sprouts in a deli tray
(lid is in the background, for a greenhouse warm self-watering effect)
cloche — I swear there’s a baby tomato growing in there!
potato spuds are planted around the edge of the container

the beginning of my bucket garden–
leaves, not-quite compost, more leaves, steamy compost, and some dirt

my journal template

This is what I created and personally use to journal. It focuses on body love, self care, happy moments, things to do, as well as goals. Plus, it's in black and white so you can color all over it!

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