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Feminist Princess Picture Books for the Kids in Your Life

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These are some great princess books for kids– I’ve got six godchildren and would much rather give them books than compete with the grandparent toy-a-thon. Check these out and see if they’re what you’re looking for in your next kid gift!

The Paper Bag Princess
(read time 5 minutes, perfect for ages 2-92)

Check it out here! The Paper Bag Princess (Munsch for Kids)

paper bag princess

A childhood favorite of mine– I still have my book and doll! 🙂

Princesses can be more than just beautiful clothes in a beautiful castle– they can chase down powerful dragons that kidnap their lovers. Princess Elizabeth, in just her paper bag dress, confronts the terrifying dragon that burned down her kingdom and uses her smarts to trick him. She cons the dragon into showing off until he is so exhausted he has to sleep. She bravely rescues her future husband only to have him insult her appearance.  He says she doesn’t look like a princess. They don’t get married, and the smart, brave paper bag princess dances into the sunset.

The Princess and the Pizza
(read time 11 minutes, perfect for ages 6+)

Check it out here! The Princess and the Pizza

princess and the pizza

Former princess Paulina really misses the perks of being a princess now that she’s just a regular townsperson. She finds out that a nearby queen is looking for a “true princess” to marry her son. Paulina puts on her best ball gown, and tucks some lucky garlic and herbs into her bodice. Then she puts her tiara on her head and heads out to regain her old benefits.

There is lots of competition to marry the prince, and the grumpy queen has tests for the princesses! Paulina’s final test is to make a feast for the queen, but she didn’t get as many ingredients as the other princesses. Back in her room all of her attempts to cook fail, so she gives up and takes a nap. Paulina wakes up to the queen saying the losers will be beheaded! She quickly adds her lucky garlic and herbs to her flat-dough “mess” that she had covered in tomatoes and cheese and pushes it into her bedroom fireplace. When the feasts are presented, Paulina’s is the favorite! After it is named pizza, she runs away from the castle (and marriage) to go home and open a pizza shop that everyone in the town loves.

Part Time Princess “girl by day, princess by night”
(read time 4 minutes, picture viewing time 5 minutes, perfect for ages 4+)

Check it out here! Part-time Princess


Written in our main character’s voice, we find out that she is “just a regular girl” who goes to school. Sometimes she is annoyed by her younger siblings and all of the things she isn’t allowed to do. But each night at midnight she turns into a princess!

She often must be very brave and fight dragon fires. “A real princess can slide down a fire pole in a frilly skirt. No one dreams of telling her it’s too dangerous.” After putting out the latest fire, she decides not to lock up the dragon, and to invite him to tea instead. This was very smart, because the dragon just needed some cheering up. She also attends very fun classes, eats pink cake, plays in the mud, and takes a bubble bath with a dolphin.

A visiting queen (her mother) helps her pick out the best ball gown, and then a bunch of trolls crash the ball! Thanks to her classes, she knows that trolls love to dance, and saves the day. She also meets a handsome prince: “maybe I’ll marry him when I grow up. But right now I’m too busy.” At the end of her long day as a princess she goes home to bed, to return to being a girl by day.

book heart crankyfatfeminist

I love that all of these stories feature brave, smart girls who walk (or dance!) away from the guys in their stories. He’s rude, he’s boring, or “it’s ME time!” A princess does NOT require a prince.
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