[feminist] review: #Orgasm, Inc

No one truly knows where Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) comes from, as a medical term and disease. The pharmaceutical industry (the third largest industry in the United States) is promoting FSD as a disease with a potential monetary and medical fix. Drug companies are in a race to be the first company to be FDA approved for their magic libido-boosting drug. Everything in our capitalist world can be commodified, even your orgasms. Because “orgasms should happen and feel this one particular way… therefore your way is wrong.” So we’re going to help you have the perfect orgasm, if you can fork over the money.

your bullshit

Why are we so gullible? The vast majority of Americans did not receive proper sex ed in school. The joke “if you have sex, you will get pregnant, and you will die” is unfortunately not really a joke. Many of us learned that “lesson” in school instead of facts. If we can’t learn about our reproductive anatomy, and the purpose of our anatomy, then we are doomed to learn about sex and sexuality from society– our parents, our friends, the tv, the horrible things anyone can find online… 

Like vaginoplasty. When a plastic surgeon basically gives your vulva and vagina a facelift. “I’ve had three kids, time for a vagina lift!” Or the wealthy woman trying to keep her husband happy and faithful. Or, any other number of non-necessary reasons. Vaginoplasty is a miracle surgery for women born intersex, male bodies transitioning to female, or for those who have experienced horrific trauma to their genitals. But, vaginoplasty comes with a high risk of serious blood loss and isn’t a surgery to be taken lightly; however, when society tells you that your vagina and vulva are no longer young enough, tight enough, pink enough, or symmetrical enough you might just do anything to make it “perfect again.”

Guess what? You’re not dysfunctional. And if you feel that things aren’t right, you’re only being marginalized by this mass media bullshit. Your vulva is wonderfully asymmetrical, and your vagina is the canal of life. No one should ever look down on the vagina, because it creates miracles. Female Sexual Dysfunction is a faux medical term created to allow the marketing of new drugs. One of the mantras of feminism (or at least of cranky fat feminism) is that every single body is unique, special, and beautiful. That also means every person experiences a unique, special, and beautiful way to orgasm. For some women achieving orgasm has rigid stipulations– such as only clitoral stimulation, use of vibrators, use of fingers instead of a penis, and the list goes on.
Our “dysfunctions” are simply marketable ploys to shit on our self esteem and get us to spend our hard earned money on products that may or may not help (the more likely being not). In trials, when a placebo is nearly as effective as the drug itself, clearly we’re approaching the issue from the wrong angle. Maybe what women are lacking isn’t a miracle patch, pill, or cream, it’s instead the sexual stimulation that we constantly see the male equivalent of. If free porn is almost always centered around male pleasure, what are women going to watch? If the prize at the end is seen as male ejaculation, with zero regard for a female orgasm, then what are we telling the boys and men in our society? If you’ve ever stopped a man to show him where your clitoris is, what have you stopped to think about before you fell asleep that night– was he purposefully disrespectful or is society totally fucked?

Want to watch the trailer? (not safe for work or around kids, unless you have headphones!)

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What are your thoughts or questions on vaginoplasty, “female viagras,” and orgasms? I’d love to hear so we can all learn more!

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