[feminist] your next coloring book! The Yoni Coloring Book

Your next coloring book! You know that you or a friend definitely needs this, and it was drawn by one of our CFFs! (also, if you purchase through this Amazon link, I’ll get a commission. this is totally a win-win-win situation) Remember, every vulva is unique, wonderful, and special. Every vagina is incredible and has the potential to be a canal of life. Now you can color 22 of them however you’d like!

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for womb or sacred passage—and what better way to consider this most sacred part of a woman’s body than in this goddess-like aspect? With 22 different hand-drawn designs by artist H.L. Brooks, this coloring book celebrates the yoni both as a symbol of womanhood and also as a highly individual form—unique to every woman and each beautiful in her own way.

The Yoni Coloring Book: For Your Inner and Outer Goddess

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Learn more and check out surprise pages from inside the book!

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